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By [Owner] Pulz - Posted Oct 31, 18

Welcome to our new website.

We could have made do with the old site- but Enjin offers many more cool features, and doesn't have the same backend server cache issue that was plaguing a few users with login issues.

You will need to make a new account, or login with an existing Enjin account- as this site is not affiliated with our old one!

Functionality is limited right now, and HTTPS support is not available just yet. Should all be running by tomorrow at the latest.

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*notice us pulz*
its me pulz
Bought the Titan+ pack to support the server. Thanks for the great community everyone!
@KristianRN, use our Discord support channel!
Me and my friend get a message saying that we need to restart the game and launcher upon logging in, i've done this but it doesnt fix it, pls help.
You do not have access to shout.
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