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New website design

[Owner] Pulz posted Mar 12, 19

The website has been redesigned, but some features may still look funky until everything is polished up!

I hope everyone enjoys this fresh look.

3.0.8c Update

[Owner] Pulz posted Feb 11, 19

The Classic Pack has been updated to 3.0.8c!

This update features many mod updates and bug fixed. Full changelog below:

  • Important: Singleplayer will show a warning since sound files have updated.
  • Updating servers may need to run /fml confirm, to confirm a forestry block update!

< Updated >
~ OreLib | >>
~ DynamicSurroundings | >>
~ ProjectE | PE1.3.2h >> PE1.4.0
~ OpenComputers | >>
~ industrialcraft | 2.8.101-ex112 >> 2.8.111-ex112
~ buildcraft | 7.99.19 >> -all-7.99.21
~ railcraft | beta4 >> beta5
~ Forestry | >>
~ Binnie mods | >>

- buildcraft-compat-7.99.15 (Included in 'base' Buildcraft file)
+ ItemBlacklist (this was added in the small update yesterday)

< Tweaked >
~ Bits currency now listed on the right, above hunger. Saves space when wearing armour.

- Buildcraft now contains BuilcraftCompat, note that the jar now has 'all' in it. You will need to remove the old Buildcraft-compat jar
- Reminder that Tabbychat can be extensively customised- you can drag/drop the chatbox, you can increase/decrease font size or resize the chatbox, disable channels and more.

To update a server, make sure you update the listed mods; adding the new ones and removing buildcraft compat!
You may also need to run /fml confirm from console if you're updating an older map- this may take a few minutes after confirming depending on world size.

You'll get a warning about DynamicSurroundings since it was updated, just hit Yes to proceed. It's just updated sound files.

I'm not a fan of updating this quickly, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to get the Railcraft fixes

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Bought the Titan+ pack to support the server. Thanks for the great community everyone!
@KristianRN, use our Discord support channel!
Me and my friend get a message saying that we need to restart the game and launcher upon logging in, i've done this but it doesnt fix it, pls help.
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