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By [Owner] Pulz - Posted Jan 20, 19

Greetings all, I'm going to make an effort to actually use the website News rather than just posting in Discord all the time.

The next update should be available by or Monday the 28th or so.

There will be some changes to the Official Server when that happens:
- A second server will be opening, simply just a second server- it's not special with PvP or anything like that.
- The main server will be getting a wipe when that happens. I doubt I can do so, but a world download will be available if possible.

Also this week:

The Classic Pack: Lite - Recieved a small update to change the old TNTC graphics and update the server IP, which has moved to a PebbleHost server and has subsequently recieved a world reset (for the first time in nearly a year)

The Classic Pack (main) will be recieving its update soon, pending some mod testing.

The vote page has been updated to 

TCP: Lite votes should still be done through the in-game interface.

Thanks :)

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The server is already online. In instances where you see it offline for more than 10 minutes, just mention a staff member on Discord
the server will be on again??
Hi all
hi there,i just installed The classic pack but i cant find the sphax texture pack anyone know where i can find it.
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